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Disclaimer:HeadwayPros provides legally compliant proofreading services to its clients. Writing services are not included in the suite of services we provide. We will not breach any policies of school or university or question their integrity.

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This privacy policy provides you a description of how we collect your data and use it. The disclosure of this information ensures the rights of the editorial staff as well as you. We plan to inform customers about how we collect and protect their data. We strive for giving our customers the best experience and on guaranteeing the best privacy practices; we take maximum considerations while utilizing your information.

Data Collection

We collect data with your permission when you subscribe to a newsletter, generally, enter data on our website while placing your order. We don't gather any sensitive information about our clients, for example, race, belief, wellbeing, biometric data, and so forth.

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We don't disclose your personal information to some other party. Your personal information is restricted and only accessible by us. We have specific access rights to the data and are required to keep it private.

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The user who uses our website must be more than 14 years old. If we catch any client below 13, utilizing our service, his/her account will be promptly removed.

Policy Amendments

We have the privilege to review or delete any segment of this policy. We might inform you about such revisions. Consequently, we request you to go through this policy routinely.


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By utilizing our website, you agree to our terms and policy. We don't enlist a visitor on our site except if the client gives the required data with his/her own choice. Enrolling yourself on our website will be your very personal decision.